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Magadi RanganathaSwamy Temple

Posted by Ashwini | Posted in Lord Shrinivasa | Posted on 17-09-2010

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This ancient temple of Shri Lord Ranganatha Swamy is located in Magadi which is around 50km from Bangalore.The temple was built during the period of King Cholas and further developed by the kings of Vijayanagara Empire.Gopuram of the temple is in Dravidian style while inside the idol is in standing posture which is Vijayanagara Empire style.


Lord Ranganatha is in standing posture with 3 arms holding shanka,chakra,gada and the other one in abhaya hasta (Asdsuring hand).
Usually the idol of Lord Ranganatha would be in reclining position.But here it is in standing posture.The priest said, originally it is the idol of Lord Venkateshwara and the elevated place were the temple is located is called Tirumale.
During the period of Tippu Sulatan,mughals started destroying many hindu temples.To save this temple,they called Venkateshwara as Ranganatha, as Tippu Sultan was faithful to his god RanganathaSwamy at Srirangapattana.
One more interesting idol inside is Beleyo Ranga( Growing Ranga) which is a small idol of Ranganatha in reclining position.



We visited in a family group with food,water etc.Had a nice darshanam,food and spent a whole day.Ideal place for family outing.You can also visit other near by places like TG Halli,SavanaDurga etc.I came across this link which was interesting.