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March 10, 2011

Lord Shiva

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This temple is around 25km from Chidambaram,TamilNadu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.Vaitheeswaran/Vaideeswaran means Lord Doctor in tamil language.So as the name says its believed that Lord Shiva here has the power to cure any illness or diseases.His consort Thaiyalnaayaki(Parvati) is said to accompany him with a vessel containing medicinal oil.
The prasadam offered in the temple is made out of ashes from the homakundam.Its believed the this prasadam has the power to cure any illness.They also distribute a sandal wood paste inside the temple as prasadam.

(Gopuram of the temple which represents the same architecture that we can see in all over TamilNadu)

Holy water pond also called as Siddhamrita Theertham inside the temple which is beautiful.

The temple is also one among the Navagraha Temples of South India.
Angaraka (Mars),one of the Navagrahas was suffering from leprosy and he was cured by Lord Vaitheeswaran here.So the Angaraka shrine here has great importance and indeed unique to this temple.
There is also a Murugan Shrine inside and devotees offer salt,pepper to this shrine.Offerings of jaggery are made in the temple tank Siddhamrita Theertham.

(The tall stone pillars inside and you can also see paintings on the roof)
There is also a shrine which is dedicated to Lord Dhanwantri ( God of Ayurveda) here which is very rare and this gives altogeher a great importance to the temple.

March 2, 2011

Lord Shiva


This post comes to celebrate MahaShivaratri.Shivam means shubham..so as we celebrate shivaratri lets good things come to us..
I am sharing the details of one of my favt shiva temple here.
TamilNadu has a majority of Shiva Temples comapred to any other parts of India.Every king who ruled TamilNadu has built atleast one shiva temple.
One of the must visit temples is Brahadeeshwara ( Brahat = very big + Iswara) Temple in Tanjavur.Build by Chola King Shri Raja Raja Chola this temple is also called as Rajarajeswaram Temple.Completely built in granite stone this temple is a marvellous example for the efficieny of architechts of the Chola’s period.
The Vimana or the RajaGopuram of the temple is around 216 feet which is one among the tallest of its kind in the world.Its believed that the gopuram was built so tall to resemble the mount Kailash.
Main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva which is in the form of a Lingam inside the garbha graha/sanctum sanctorum.The inner wall of the sanctum sanctorum has sculptures of 108 dance poses called karmas performed by Lord Shiva himself.
Only main temple was built during the period of Cholas.The other temple like Murugan temple,Nandi and Ganesha Temple which are in the wide corridar were built during Nayaka’s period who ruled the Tanjavur during 18th century.

A big Nandi in front carved in single black granite stone [which is as tall as the Shiva Lingam].

( The sculpture of Raja Raja Chola..You can see that nose is chopped off [the attack of Mallikafar])

(painting showing the king raja raja chola and his wives)

(the Murugan temple which is inside)
Sculpture of the above temple is similar to what you can see in Belur/Halebeedu Temple in Karnataka.but here they have used hard granite stones compared to soap stones in Belur.
TamilNadu Tourism board has introduced this 360 degree virtual tour of most of the famous temples.Check out this link [They can work on the background music though:) ]
I like this temple for few reasons..Inside the temple corridor is very wide,open and main Lingam/idol is on high altitude so there is no queue or rush to see the god.The architechure of the temple is very astonishing.History says that this temple has inspired many artisits,dancers as well as the next generation kings to build something similar to this.Inside the temple corridor its very peaceful, no shops,no beggars and no nonsense.
More over big things make me to think big,dream big and achieve big !!.
Try to avoid the summers [ april-june] and especially school holiday seasons if you would like to do some serious photography.
Happy Shivaratri!!

Abburu which is around 70km from Bangalore near Channapatna is the divine resting place of Shri Bhramanya Teertharu.
Sri Vyasarayaru was Bhramanya Teertha’s desciple.Though not much information is available about his work on literature ,still he is considered as one of the main saint in madhwa parampare.
This link gives more information about the place.
You can see the vrindavan in the center,mukhyprana temple ( vyasaraja pratishtita) on the left side and small vrindavana of vyasarajaru on the right side.

How to go?
Abbur is around 80km from Bangalore.Bangalore-Mysore Highway stop at chnnapatna and take a diversion to abbur mutt.